Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sort of New Year's Resolution

So this New Year, I didn’t make the typical resolution that I always make.  To eat healthier, to exercise more, to be more organized – quite simply to get my act together and have a fresh start.  I honestly didn’t even remember to make a resolution.  Work has simply been so hectic that I’ve been trying to maximize my down time and not think too hard!  But of course, it can never be so simple.
Since I’m getting married this summer, on a beach nonetheless, I’ve been trying to exercise fairly regularly.  When work isn’t completely nuts, I would go spinning once a week, go to a bikram yoga class and get out for a brisk walk or jog with the dogs. 
The fiance, let’s call him R, and I have also started slowly learning to snowboard.  We took our first lesson two years ago, and then went a handful of times last year.  So we’ve also been anxiously waiting for the snow to fall this season so that we can bust out our boards and hit the slopes…aka the bunny hills.  I’m definitely still learning and terrified of the big scary chair lifts, but going out to a view like this makes it all worthwhile.  

(sorry for the bad quality blackberry picture!  the snow had just started to fall when we arrived and it was just magical..  thankfully the park was also very quiet sunday night, so we were able to get in a lot of runs in a short time)

This past Sunday, after a jog (more to come later) and grocery store trip, we bundled up and made the (short!) drive to Glen Eden.  This is one of the main reasons we continue to go to Glen Eden – its proximity to home.  We can get there in half an hour, and it doesn’t feel like a wasted trip if we are having a bad night or are cold and wanna call it quits.  Although it is a small park, we still have to graduate from the bunny hills, only the green circles waiting for us on the other side.  Glen Eden still has another season or two for us, until we’re comfortable going down the various level hills and I’ve conquered my fear of the chair lift.  Until then, Glen Eden will suffice.

Are there any hidden gems for snowboarding or skiing around Toronto that you frequent?  How do I get over my chair lift fears?

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